"Either we adapt, or we slowly fade away"

Traditional role of a DBA is changing significantly. DBAs need to be able to adapt to these changes to be successful in their roles.Learn Postgres,Aurora,Dynamodb,RDS,Database migration using SCT and DMS by enrolling in KloudDB School today  

"Jonathan Lewis, a world-class Oracle expert: “I’m worried about the future of DBAs”

"Either we adapt, or we slowly fade away. I was DBA too, but made a transition to DBE, so it’s an evolution."

"Major technology trends are reshaping the DBA role at many organizations"

"Oracle ,SQL Server DBAs should learn Postgres, MySQL , Ansible ,RDS,Aurora,Dynamodb,Automation etc.."

"RDS/Aurora needs Database engineer - Especially when there are many RDS instances"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

You have 2 days to cancel your subscription(2 day free trial). Please use this trial period to evaluate the content . If you are unhappy after few days of enrollment , please reach out to us via "Contact Us" page on our website klouddb.io

Can I get a free trial ?

2 Day Free trial is available . You can cancel your subscription before the end of trial period if you are not satisfied with the content

How to contact if you have any questions or need help?

Please reach out to us via "Contact Us" page on our website klouddb.io

Can I look at the complete curriculum for the 5 courses (You will get access to these topics as soon as you enroll)?

You can refer to the complete list of topics here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YjAoqO2RoLYjzZVoFLPkGZSOFyxodIsL/view?usp=sharing

Will I be able to clear "AWS Database Specialty Exam" after taking your courses ?

Currently we have courses for RDS,Aurora,Dynamodb , SCT , DMS . Major topics are covered already - This covers 70-75% of the topics . More content will be added soon (Redis , redshift etc..)

I am Postgres DBA already and how will I benefit from your courses?

If you are expert postgres DBA already you might not benefit from our postgres course . But if you are beginner or intermediate DBA , You might like pgpool , pgbouncer , monitoring and other sections . Also you will benefit from other cloud courses -RDS,Aurora,Dynamodb , SCT , DMS

I am Oracle/SQLServer/DB2/Sybase/MySQL/.. Others .., How will I benefit from your courses?

You will learn Postgres administration .Also you will benefit from other cloud courses -RDS,Aurora,Dynamodb , SCT , DMS

Looks like I will get access to 5 courses immediately . What other courses will be added in the near future - Do I need to pay any additional amount in the future to access new content?

We are planning to release automation related courses , redis course and more . You only pay a onetime fee of 499$ per year and all new content is available to you as soon as we publish

Why should I enroll in your school , I can learn from other portals?

Please check our blogs(https://klouddb.io/blog/) to learn more about our work in this space . We are seasoned database/cloud professionals and we promise to give you the best content